1M, 1F // Short // Written from sound cues built by Alex Hawthorn

A couple, possibly newly married, gather the courage to face the future as rain falls all around them.

This play was created for Fresh Ground Pepper’s Sounds Good event, which brought together eight sound designers, eight playwrights, and eight directors. Sound designers were required to create ten “cues,” which were then passed to a writer, who had to write a play that incorporated all the cues, in order. That play was then passed off to a director, and thus a play was made.

In this sense, the roles of the designer and playwright were essentially switched. Traditionally, a designer gets a play and builds around the text. In this process, a playwright got a design, and built a play around that. Alex Hawthorn, who wrote the amazing cues for this play, was for all intents and purposes the driving creative force of this play.


  • Fresh Ground PepperĀ Sounds Good, 2016 (dir. Estefania Fadul)