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This Story Could Be Your Life

It starts with conversation. Together, we share stories about our first loves, our first pets, the thing that happened to us that one time in college. We follow wherever the conversation wants to take us.

And then we shift.

A person stands in front of the audience and tells a story. It is a story about you, the person sitting there watching this show. From birth onward. It is made up of your stories, their stories, all the stories that have ever been told. It is true, earnest, and compelling. And almost 100% improvised.

As they weave a narrative that is about all of us and none of us, we are consistently united by the things we both share and don’t, and are reminded that we aren’t as alone in the universe as we sometimes feel.

This Place Is Definitely Haunted

Years ago, in a small town in Upstate New York, something terrible happened to a group of teenagers in a dilapidated house in the woods. Years later, AGGROCRAG attempts to tell you the story, as well as the story behind the story. Part documentary, part campfire ghost story, This Place Is Definitely Haunted asks you to consider what you are afraid of, and who is actually the one creating the fear.